Warner Roberts   Wednesday, December 5   5 – 7 PM


Life Is an Adventure: What I Learned Walking (Modeling), Talking (Talk Show Host), and Managing (Marriage, Motherhood & Miracles)

Warner Roberts made Nancy Reagan cry, Queen Elizabeth laugh, and Billy Graham pray; great photographer Scavullo called her a classic beauty; Joan Rivers called her a great interviewer; Arnold Schwarzenegger and Chuck Norris instructed her in self-defense and famous artist Leroy Neiman sketched her during an interview. In Life is an Adventure, Warner shares what she has learned from her life's journey -- one that weaves its way from a small town in East Texas to the big city of Houston, Texas, to marriage, motherhood and many careers. The journey takes readers through Warner's adventures in the world of modeling, interviewing hundreds of celebrities and White House politicians, publishing books, creating a museum, acting in theater and films, raising millions of dollars for charitable organizations and her favorite -- marriage and motherhood. Along the way, she details how she discovered her eight-step program for a truly happy life. Warner Roberts has had successful careers as a fashion model, award-winning television journalist, actress, writer, publisher, wife, mother, and grandmother. What she calls her "Miracle Adventure" set her on the road to an extraordinarily blessed and happy life.


Bryant Boutwell   Thursday, December 6   5 – 7 PM


I’m Dr. Red Duke

James Henry "Red" Duke Jr., MD, was an icon of twentieth-century medicine, a pioneer and visionary, and a lifelong son of Texas who, far from forgetting his roots, reveled in them. Bryant Boutwell's entertaining and meticulously researched biography of Red Duke, based on years of interviews with Duke and his family, friends, and colleagues as well as painstaking exploration of both public archives and personal papers and effects, not only pays tribute to a great surgeon and his influence but also crafts a detailed and intimate portrait of the man behind the larger-than-life television image. Not only did Duke found the Life Flight air ambulance service that helped place Memorial Hermann Hospital and the Texas Medical Center at the forefront of the nation's trauma units, he also advanced the use of media communications for reaching the public with both common-sense and cutting-edge health information. His famous tagline--"From the University of Texas Health Science Center in Houston . . . I'm Dr. Red Duke"--delivered in the deadpan drawl of a Texan, could be heard in countless homes during the broadcast of the local evening news during the 1980s and 1990s. Beyond these accomplishments, Duke was an Eagle Scout, an ordained minister, a medical missionary, a conservationist, a hunting guide, and a tank commander. Featuring a wealth of previously unpublished images that help to chronicle Duke's life and storied career, I'm Dr. Red Duke opens with a foreword by fellow Houstonian, the late George H. W. Bush, who calls Duke "one of the brightest Points of Light Barbara and I have had the privilege to know."


Ferrell Phelps    Saturday, December 8   3 – 5 PM


Skin Deep: The Skin I’m In

The Skin I'm In was created to celebrate the strength and beauty of those who are walking works of art through skin conditions such as vitiligo, albinism, nevus, N2 and ephelides that paint on human canvases through the loss or darkening of pigment cells (melanocytes), or a retexturing of the skin.  These skin patterns are usually marked by sharp margins– a metaphor for the boundaries, barriers and walls many of our models have faced, simply because of the color or lack of color in their skin. Skin Deep: The Skin I'm In is a celebration of melanin in all of its expressions. The book shares each model's story with the hope of

educating the public through awareness and letting others who may share these conditions know that they too can live empowered! The message is clear— embrace your uniqueness, walk in your crafted beauty, head up, be fearless, strut and overlook anything or anyone that would try to make you feel 'less than" because of your skin. This is a mantra for anyone who has ever felt rejected, mistreated or self-conscious about their looks: Our self-worth lies in our character, what we do for others, and what we believe in. We are more than our outer shell, but we love the skin we're In!


Ann Marie Sabath   Wednesday, December 12   5 – 7 PM 


What Self-Made Millionaires Do That Most People Don’t: 52 Ways to Create Your Own Success

Confucius said that a thousand-mile journey begins with a single step. The same principle applies to becoming a self-made millionaire, except this journey is a little shorter, comprising just 52 common sense practices. Featuring interviews with a wide-ranging list of self-made millionaires, you will be astonished to see how anyone can achieve this status by creating the right mindset. You will learn how white-collar professionals, blue-collar workers, small business owners, even teenagers alike have joined this million-dollar net worth club by methodically and consistently putting into practice the self-made millionaire game plan revealed in this book. In What Self-Made Millionaires Do that Most People Don't, Ann Marie Sabath makes it easy for you to implement these simple strategies by posing a question at the end of each section to help you begin your own self-made millionaire journey.


Sharon K. Connell    Thursday, December 13   5 – 7 PM


Paths of Righteousness

This book is a story of uncertainty, fear, love, revenge and blessings in the lives of Christians, who need to turn to the right path in order to experience the blessings that God has for them. Despite misunderstandings, will they find the path of righteousness? Laugh and cry along with the characters of Paths of Righteousness and find out for yourself.


Donna Kacmar    Friday, December 14   5 – 7 PM


Victor Lundy: Artist Architect

If you're looking for something new under the midcentury sun, Victor Lundy (born 1923) is a real find, an important yet underappreciated figure in the history of American architecture. Trained in both the Beaux Arts and Bauhaus traditions, he built an impressive practice ranging from small-scale residential and commercial buildings to expressive religious buildings and two preeminent institutional works: the US Tax Court Building in Washington, DC (now on the National Register of Historic Places), and the US Embassy in Sri Lanka. This first book on Lundy's life and career documents his early work in the Sarasota School of Architecture, his churches, and his government buildings. In addition to essays on his use of light and material, many of the architect's original drawings, paintings, and sketches--including those from his travels throughout Europe, the Middle East, India, and Mexico, now held at the Library of Congress-- are reproduced here for the first time.


Ronel Golden   Saturday, December 15   3 – 5 PM



Labelled an Afrikaans “traitor’s” child, Nicole is desperate for acceptance since her recent move to dangerously polarized small-town South Africa. Naseem is a notorious local Indian boy and obsessed with the ballerina even before stalking her the first time in his parents’ warehouse. The intense bond between them is obvious to their families, her brother and Mosh, Naseem’s closest confidant and township activist, who struggles to accept the white girl. When Nicole is whisked across the world, an exquisite socialite draws her into the hedonism of late eighties Greece. She freefalls into superficiality before Naseem’s unexpected arrival in Athens, Amidst betrayal, depravity and death, Nicole spirals out of control and Naseem detaches to take the revenge he has craved for so long. It seems that nothing can bring either back to the other intact.


Zane Carson Carruth    Thursday, December 20   5 – 7 PM


The World’s First Tooth Fairy… Ever: The Adventures of Abella and Her Magic Wand

Ms. Carruth has recently completed her second book The World’s First Tooth Fairy…Ever Presents: The Adventures of Abella and Her Magic Wand. After years of fantasizing and months of studying, Abella finally receives her magic wand, and the precocious little fairy vows to take the responsibility of wand ownership seriously and all the power that comes with it.   It is a delightful book about facing challenges and accepting responsibility – even when you make mistakes. Luckily for Abella, her best friend Darcie is with her every step of the way, doing what best friends do best.


Bill Case, PT   Saturday, December 22    3 – 5 PM

Stand Tall, Don’t Fall: Improve Your Strength, Balance, and Posture

As a physical therapist and athlete, Bill Case knows that prevention and preparation are the keys to eliminating senior falls. Stand Tall, Don’t Fall is your complete guide to minimizing the physical limitations of the older adult. Complete with proven exercises to improve strength, balance, flexibility, and posture, Stand Tall, Don’t Fall offers practical solutions and applications to prevent falls in older adults and help them avoid injury and retain their independence.


Tarif Youssef-Agha   Saturday, January 12   3 – 5 PM

Hearts, Tears & the Journey of Life: Loving, Lamenting and Meditation, Middle Eastern Style

This book takes you closer than ever to the Middle Eastern views of love, death, and life - all through the eyes of a Syrian poet who lived his youth in the ancient capital city of Damascus. In the first section, he is exchanging words of love with pretty women who invaded his heart - giving joys or causing wounds. In the next one, he is shedding tears for beloved ones who were kidnapped by death, leaving deep, painful scars behind. And in the last, he is trying to make sense of the endless mysteries of life, which will continue to be a puzzle forever. Visit his bilingual website at