Ben Koush  Thursday, November 30    5 – 7 PM

Constructing Houston’s Future:  The Architecture of Arthur Evan Jones & Lloyd Morgan Jones


John Warren Smith    Saturday, December 2     3 – 5 PM

Goodbye to Innocence

Brian Hanley, pretty good athlete, is growing up in the apple-pie town of Pinedale, Texas, amidst Saturday night football games, Halloween pranks, occasional traveling carnivals, and folks he's always known. The sleepy pleasantry is shattered when a burned-out cabin reveals bodies with bullets in them. A semi-nude white man was seen on the premises the night of the burning. A bullying sheriff, together with a politically ambitious D.A, soon have a young black man in custody and force from him a confession. The underside of this All-American town is soon exposed: the other half - the black half in the ghetto - never gets to enjoy the Halloween trick-or-treating or the ballgames in the all-white stadium and by law are ineligible to attend the state university in their midst. Gripping trial scenes are intertwined with Brian's slow farewell to innocence. Will the Negro be executed? Will the white mystery man be exposed? Will Brian make it through? For a good read, take a deep breath and hang on.


Dwight Edwards    Wednesday, December 6   5 – 7 PM

Bible in 90 Minutes

Author Dwight Edwards presents his professionally produced video of Bible in 90 Minutes. It is a stunning presentation that will put the bible together in ways that you will never forget. This will be perfect for home groups, Sunday schools, classrooms, or just personal enrichment.


Virginia Bernhard   Thursday, December 7    5- 7 PM

The Smell of War: Three Americans in the Trenches of World War I

Historian Virginia Bernhard has deftly woven together the memoirs and letters of three American soldiers--Henry Beston Sheahan, Mike Hogg, and George Wythe--to capture a vivid, poignant portrayal of what it was like to be "over there." These firsthand recollections focus the lens of history onto one small corner of the war, into one small battlefield, and in doing so they reveal new perspectives on the horrors of trench warfare, life in training camps, transportation and the impact of technology, and the post-armistice American army of occupation. Henry Sheahan's memoir, A Volunteer Poilu, was first published in 1916. He was a Boston-born, Harvard-educated ambulance driver for the French army who later became a well-known New England nature writer, taking a family name "Beston" as his surname. George Wythe, from Weatherford, Texas, was a descendent of the George Wythe who signed the Declaration of Independence. Mike Hogg, born in Tyler, Texas, was the son of former Texas governor James Stephen Hogg. The Smell of War, by collecting and annotating the words of these three individuals, paints a new and revealing literary portrait of the Great War and those who served in it.


 Warner Bourgeois   Saturday, December 9    3 – 5 PM

Having Confidence in Yourself

Warner Anthony Bourgeois has written a sensational book! Having Confidence in Yourself is a must read. This book is the story of Dr. Happy Smile, an eagle who was determined to find a cure for cancer. He had a tremendous amount of belief in himself and God. A must-read whether you are a child or an adult!


William Cannady    Thursday, December 14     5 – 7 PM

Four Houses: Design for Change

William Cannady is a teacher and practicing architect. As a Professor of Architecture at Rice University since 1964, he teaches both undergraduate and graduate design studios. Professor Cannady has served as a visiting lecturer and critic at the following institutions: American Academy in Rome; Architectural Association of London; Hydra II Conference, Hydra, Greece; University College London; University of California at Berkeley; University of Kentucky; University of Tennessee; Utah State University; University of Michigan; Texas A & M University; The University of Houston; Texas Tech University; University of Texas at Arlington; Prairie View University; Harvard University; University of Texas at Austin and Iowa State University. In his architectural practice, Cannady has designed and built over two hundred projects, which have been honored with fifty awards, both nationally and locally, for outstanding design. His teaching pedagogy and built work is rooted in the philosophy "the poetry of pragmatism." This approach aspires to preserve tradition while pioneering change. His academic and professional experience covers a wide range of design problems and building types including residential, commercial, institutional and public.