Jan Reid     Saturday, July 29    3 – 5 PM

Sins of the Younger Sons

Luke Burgoa is an ex-Marine on a solitary covert mission to infiltrate the Basque separatist organization ETA in Spain and help bring down its military commander, Peru Madariaga. Luke hails from a Basque ancestry that came with the Spanish empire to Cuba, Argentina, Mexico, and, seventy-five years ago, to a Texas ranch. Neighbors consider the Burgoas Mexican immigrants and exiles of that nation's revolution, but the matriarch of the family speaks the ancient language Euskera and honors traditions of the old country. Luke's orders are to sell guns to the ETA and lure Peru into a trap. Instead he falls in love with Peru's estranged wife, Ysolina, who lives in Paris and pursues a doctorate about an Inquisition-driven witchcraft frenzy in her native land. From the day they cross the border into the Basque Pyrenees, their love affair on the run conveys the beauty, sensuality, exoticism, and violence of an ancient homeland cut in two by Spain and France. Their trajectory puts Luke, Ysolina, and Peru on a collision course with each other and the famed American architect Frank Gehry, whose construction of a Guggenheim art museum seeks to transform the Basque city of Bilbao, a decrepit industrial backwater haunted by the Spanish Civil War--and a hotbed of ETA extremism. Ranging from the Amazon rain forest to a deadly prison in Madrid, Sins of the Younger Sons is a love story exposed to dire risk at every turn.


Christina Sanders   Thursday, August 3   5 – 7 PM

Get Your Weight Up: Things We Can All Do to Make America Better

Get Your Weight Up is a call to action for Americans interested in making America better. This work is an  guide designed to help ordinary people take small actions to change their community in big ways. In this book I take an introspective approach to civic engagement action, explaining the importance of individual introspection for sustained engagement and long-term civic impact. This book is loaded with examples, suggestions and first-hand advice to make it easy for anyone to take action and get started. If more of us try, anything is possible!


Kiersten Kindred      Saturday, August 5     3 – 5 PM

Five Steps to Marketing Success: A Small Business Guide

An Essential Guide to Becoming A Marketing Rock Star! The Five Steps to Marketing Success: A Small Business Guide delivers a real-world and direct step-by-step guide for small business owners. This is the best comprehensive book, filled with progressive marketing strategies, that is relevant to today's marketing needs. Being a small business owner is tough. You have to operate your company and do all the research at the same time. Unfortunately, there has not been another personalized guide to help you along the way and do the research for you, until now! Each chapter reveals the marketing secrets that you have to pay the big bucks to learn or spend hours of research to gain insight. The essentials are broken down and analyzed in a straightforward manner to help you quickly learn the best marketing strategies for your business. Marketing steps are covered in each chapter with topics like branding, promotion, collecting and analyzing marketing data, developing your site, media, networking, communications, public relations, research, newsletters, pricing, target audience, competition, planning, social media and much more! Kiersten is also the author of The 21-Day Activity Book and Planner: Jumpstart Your Way to a Well-Balanced Life and  Be the CEO of Your Life: Planner + Guide for Entrepreneurs, Bloggers and Creatives. All of her work will be featured and available for purchase at the event.


L.G. Siller   Saturday, August 12     3 – 5 PM

The Fulton Parks Scholarship Fund

Fulton Parks, IV has grown up in privilege, but feels imprisoned in what he calls The Big House. His dreams of escape are dashed when he is “sentenced” to a prestigious university by his domineering father. Reluctantly, he leaves his beloved, but eccentric aunt and his wayward girlfriend. Even as his own world spins out of control, Fulton tries to save the women in his life and ultimately is brought to a reckoning. Set in the urban sprawl of Houston in the late 1970's, Fulton's story is an irreverent and suspenseful journey filled with an odd group of misfits who help him overcome his personal demons. Funny and sad, The Fulton Parks Scholarship Fund unravels the lies of the Parks family and shows us how letting go of our own family myths can set us free.


Jeffery Tracey    Saturday, August 19    3 – 5 PM

A Family Reunited

The story A Family Reunited is about the harsh life living in poverty through the eyes of a young boy. His mother and father had been separated for several years. A mother that could not afford to raise four boys on her own, sent three of the boys to foster homes. The mother kept the youngest boy to raise. This is the story of the youngest boy. A boy that would discover he had an older brother. Then discover he had a father. And finally, discover he had two more older brothers. The story tells of the boys’ wild, exciting, and dangerous adventures after the family was reunited. Living on a farm in the Kansas prairies in the early 1960s. The life and times the boy spent with three older brothers causing turmoil and mischief. The story tells of the horrible accidents the family endured. But also tells about the fun and humorous times the boys had living on a farm on the open Kansas prairies.


Melissa Algood      Thursday, August 24     4 – 6 PM

Everything That Counts

Blake Morgan is the biggest geek in all the graduating class of 2004, possibly in all of Annapolis, maybe even the entire world. He decides that talking to a girl, doing something unexpected, getting something other than an A+, and do something brave during his senior year will make him into a whole other person. Maybe even cool. Yet each time he checks something off the list he hurts the few people who love him just the way he is - a loser. Is he able to repair the damage? Is changing who you are worth it? Can Blake be an astrophysicist and have a supermodel as a girlfriend? He’s stupid enough to wreck his life, but is he smart enough to put it back together?

 John Young      Saturday, August 26     3 – 5 PM

The Chapel

The Chapel gets it’s name from the site of an engagement in South Vietnam. It was fall, 1965 in the Ir Drang Valley. It then follows young John T. Barrett to the investment world in New York and later, back to Houston, Texas where he became a partner in Great Southern Private Equity. Soon after he is back, his wife is mysteriously murdered. This begins a series of events involving his personal family, the Department of Defense, gold miners in Colorado and dealings with Russians and Chinese.