Bryan Collins    Thursday, January 11    5 – 7 PM


Fat, full of excuses and lazy...that's what became of Bryan Collins.  But Bryan decided to do something about it.  It began when he decided to prepare for a bodybuilding competition...From intermittent fasting to counting macros, Bryan put his body through the ringer to be able to write about it.  Bryan gives his readers in-depth knowledge on each program that he used and how it works, explaining it both scientifically and in layman's terms so that anyone at any level of fitness can understand their fitness and diet options. Bryan Collins takes the reader on a guided tour of various workouts and diets in order to teach his readers how to achieve results.  He describes the process and the journey, along with the realistic expectations that come with each option.  Bryan's methods ensure that his readers will not just see images of fitness success and expect miracles, but will understand how each of us individually can achieve our fitness goals with a solid understanding of our fitness options and what it takes to achieve our personal fitness goals.


Dirk Weisiger    Saturday, January 13   3 – 5 PM

Leave Tomorrow: My Journey to the Bottom of the World

After building a successful business, Dirk Weisiger was ready for something new. But he wasn't sure what. Maybe a motorcycle adventure, he had never done that! What followed was a fourteen-month, solo motorcycle journey from Austin, Texas to Ushuaia, Argentina, filled with unexpected adventures, surprises, and lessons about life and travel. In this book, you'll not only enjoy Dirk's adventure and insights, but find inspiration for your own journey.


Jeanie Miley   Tuesday, January 16    5 – 7 PM

Practicing Resurrection: Radical Hope in Different Times

In Practicing Resurrection, Jeanie Miley reflects on the myriad ways the final line of a Wendell Berry poem shaped her understanding of God's presence in her life-and its meaning for all Christians who yearn for strength and hope in the face of life's difficulties. This "resurrection principle," as Miley calls it, affirms that God is working for good in all of creation. In the midst of trouble and trauma, we can find hope by cultivating the presence of the Living Christ. Through stories of her own literal and metaphorical journeys toward hope and renewal, Miley demonstrates that when we face hardship or the inevitable, difficult transitions in life, we may practice resurrection-and trust steadily in the goodness and mercy of God.


Kristin Martinez    Thursday, January 18    5- 7 PM

52 Weeks of Worthiness: A Year of Practical Advice and Biblical Truth for Claiming Your Inherent Value

How do you measure your self-worth? Does it depend on how you are feeling or where you happen to be at the moment? Your worthiness comes from within but many times we base our value on outward appearances and fluctuating circumstances. The weekly chapters from 52 Weeks of Worthiness stem from biblical principles and address some common, underlying components to why we sometimes feel as if we've let go of the claim on our worth. 52 Weeks of Worthiness guides you through practical strategies and Bible verses each week to maintain positive change, embracing your inherent value every day of the year.


Ginger Clarkson   Saturday, January 20   3 – 5 PM

Spiritual Dimensions of Guided Imagery and Music

As its creator Helen Bonny conceived it, Guided Imagery and Music (GIM) is both a powerful approach to music-centered psychotherapy and a way to explore the outer reaches of consciousness. This book explores those outer reaches, bringing spiritual experience directly into focus. Drawing on the author’s forty-five years of experience in music therapy and twenty-five years practicing GIM, this insightful work presents an array of themes related to the spiritual quest: the importance of detecting dangerous inflation in clients who are pursuing a spiritual path; the mystical insights of clients with autism; the integration of meditation and mindfulness in GIM practice; Gestalt dream work, subtle energy healing, and mandala analysis as methods for enhancing spiritual insights through GIM; the transformative potential of spiritual breakthroughs in GIM to heal grieving; the kundalini experiences of a dedicated meditator and GIM trainee; and the weaving of GIM into a Buddhist chaplaincy internship in hospice care. The chapters include case material illustrating these various paths to spirituality, and throughout the book, the author describes how her own consciousness has evolved in relation to GIM and its myriad spiritual dimensions.


Gay Gaddis   Thursday, January 25   5 – 7 PM

Cowgirl Power: How to Kick Ass in Business and Life

In Cowgirl Power, advertising CEO and cowgirl Gay Gaddis shares insights and examples for women to lead like fearless, risk-taking cowgirls: enhance and exude confidence, developing personal power on all fronts.

As the owner of one of the largest female-owned independent agencies in the U.S. and former chairman of C200, one of the country's top women's business organizations, Gay Gaddis knows a thing or two about empowerment. Gay's secrets of success have roots in the spirited strength of real cowgirls who were fearless risk-takers in everything they did. They've inspired Gay. As the owner of a fully operational Texas Longhorn Cattle Ranch, Gay is a true cowgirl. And she brings cowgirl power to the boardroom, as well. In Cowgirl Power, Gay shares her story and an inspiring action plan for women who are ready to blaze their own trail in business and in life. Whatever your goals - to start a family or your own business, to climb the corporate ladder, organize community outreach, or run for office, Gay says it all comes down to power: knowing how to develop it and not being afraid to take it when it comes your way. You build your own power through knowledge, hard work, excellence, creativity and good will and Gay's book has the Cowgirl Tool Kit that supplies all the tools to get there!


Preston Pierott    Saturday, January 27    3 – 5 PM

Cheat Codes to High School: Written by a Student

High school can be rough; however, with proper guidance you can accomplish more than imaginable. In this book, Pierott will include numerous tricks and tips he learned in efforts to assist you to being successful in high school. By reading this book, it is not guaranteed you will achieve everything that I have; however, if you follow the directions and suggestions provided, while working hard, staying focused, and being consistent, there is no reason why you should not be successful in high school.

    Tarif Youssef-Agha    Sunday, January 28    3 – 5 PM

The Chronicles of the Syrian Revolution: The Orphan Uprising the Entire World Betrayed

This book is simply the memoir of the Syrian Revolution in its six-year journey, all through the eyes of a Syrian poet who lived his youth in the capital city of Damascus. Beginning on the first Friday after the revolution started and every Friday thereafter, the Syrians made it a habit, taking to the streets to demonstrate against the regime. They also gave names to those Fridays to reflect the current events. The first one was the Friday of Dignity (3/18/11), then Friday of Glory (3/25/11), Friday of Martyrs (4/1/11), Friday of Withstanding (4/8/11), Friday of Insistence (4/15/11), and so on until today, which sums up to more than three hundred Fridays.

The author started firing poems in support of the revolution and also to document its events week after week for the next six years. He managed to translate almost half of them to put in this book. Listing the poems in order takes the reader on a journey throughout the ups and downs of the revolution and helps him to understand what happened, when, and why. His writings are not only full of fury and power, confidence, and hope, but also satire and wit, which characterize the people of that historic city.