Samuel Axelrad     Saturday, September 9   3 – 5 PM

Peaceful Bones: The Inspiring Story of an Extraordinary Friendship During a Time of War, and the Heart-Warming Reunion 46 Years Later

This is the true story of the friendship between North Vietnamese Army Squadron Leader Hung Nguyen - who was seriously wounded during an ambush by US troops in 1967 - and Samuel Axelrad, surgeon and captain of a Forward Medical Command who saved Hung's life. Dr. Axelrad's policy was simple. ANYBODY who was brought to the medical tent was to be treated as a first-class patient, no matter whether they were civilian, US soldier or - as in this case - "enemy”. Five percent of proceeds from this book will be donated to Texas for Heroes (an organization that sponsors retreats for US veterans) and 5% to Hoa Binh Peace Village (supporting children in Vietnam affected by Agent Orange)


Anita Kruse     Saturday, September 16   3 – 5 PM

Purple Song

There's a song inside every child waiting to be heard! Ride the waves and fly through the sky with your friend, Purple Song! This little purple companion, a treble clef with wings, shows you how to sing your way through your troubles. She lets you see that friendships can emerge into beautiful melodies. Join Purple Song as she lifts you up and shares her connection to the power of music.


Tony Tripodo    Thursday, September 21    5:30 – 7:30 PM

The Successful CFO

In an increasingly complex and competitive business environment, the role of the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) has taken on an ever-increasing level of importance in their organizations. Named CFO of the Year by the Houston Business Journal in 2014, Tony Tripodo shares his insights as to what it takes to become a successful CFO. With over 40 years' experience, mostly as a CFO in various organizations, but also as a board member and entrepreneur, Tony draws on the many lessons he has learned over the years with the knowledge of what works and what doesn't work for a CFO to achieve success as a dynamic and positive influence for their organization.


Davonte’ Marshall    Saturday, September 23   3 – 5 PM

#Defendingblackwomanhood: The Poetic Intensities of Womanology

In the age of hashtags, poet Davonte' Javon tells some eternal truths about society's need to cripple black women to prevent them from spreading their wings. His work offers harsh lessons about racism and sexism but also inspires women to rise above the hate and let themselves shine. In #DefendingBlackwomanhood, Javon confronts the troubles he believes are plaguing the urban community. Women aren't often given the support needed during difficult trials. It is frustrating and tiring for them to work against a society that constantly tells them that they are worthless. Whether you are a woman who understands this never-ending struggle or a man looking for ways to support his partner without taking away her agency, this book can help.


James Garrison    Thursday, September 28    5 – 7 PM

QL 4

PFC Bell, a newly-minted U.S. Army MP, quickly discovers that there's more than a war going on along QL 4, the main road from Saigon into the Mekong Delta. It's old-fashioned crime and corruption. He doesn't want to get involved, just serve out his time and go home, but life for an American MP in Vietnam in 1970 doesn't work that way. QL 4 leads Bell deep into a swamp of deception, mayhem, and death that insinuates its way both into towns the MPs patrol each day and into the old French villa where they live.


Dr. Quinta    Saturday, September 30    3 – 5 PM

From Antarctica to Zimbabwe: How I hit the reset button on my life

Full of color pictures, From Antarctica to Zimbabwe is the story of Quinta's adventures as she made her way around the world. For three and a half months, she traveled to twenty-three countries and all seven continents. This is a story of self-discovery and finding the courage to live the life we really want to.


Jim Bernhard    Thursday, October 5    4:30 – 6:30 PM

You’re On! The Theatre Quiz Book

Are you an avid theatre buff who can name all of Shakespeare's plays--in chronological order--and reel off the precise number of performances for each of Broadway's longest-running shows? Or do you see a play or a musical only now and then as a special treat? Either way, You're On! will tease your brain and tickle your memory. Casual theater-goers and seasoned thespians alike will enjoy the challenge--and maybe learn a few little-known facts about their favorite shows and stars. Jim is the author of several wonderful books, currently available at River Oaks Bookstore.


Bruce Henderson    Saturday, October 7    3 – 5 PM

White Pages

Agent Plaiedeaux ordered his team to proceed with the arrest of William Stradom. After several hours of trying to storm the facilities, everyone became exhausted and turned to look at Agent Plaiedeaux. "Let's see," said Agent Plaiedeaux. "We have rammed the fence but only our vehicles were damaged, had a welder cut the hinges only for the gate to remain as if the hinges were not cut, leaving the gate apparently floating in mid-air, then the hinges reappeared as if they were never cut. We also broke several chains trying to use a vehicle to pull the gate down, and when we tried to climb over the fence we encountered some sort of invisible force field. Did everyone get all that? We are the FBI, nothing like this is supposed to exist without our knowledge. As of now everything about this operation is classified."


Apple Gidley      Thursday, October 12    5 – 7 PM


The Danish-owned island of 1870s Saint Croix vibrates with passion and tension as Anna Clausen, a young Anglo-Danish woman, returns to her childhood home after her mother’s death. Her heart sinks at what she finds on arrival. Her father is ailing and desolate and her beloved plantation, Anna’s Fancy, which has been in the Clausen family for three generations, is in shambles. The unwelcome lust of one man and forbidden love for another makes Anna’s return to Saint Croix even more turbulent. Despite the decline in the sugar industry she is determined to retain Anna’s Fancy but must first win the trust of her field workers, of Sampson the foreman, and the grudging respect of Emiline the cook and local weed woman. Fireburn tells of the horrors of a little-known, bloody period of Caribbean history. Anna weathers personal heartache and faces the worker rebellion of 1878, 30 years after emancipation. She challenges the conventions of the day and confronts the hostility of the predominantly white male landowners. The author’s first book Expat Life: Slice by Slice is currently available at River Oaks Bookstore.


Marsha Miller    Saturday, October 14    3 – 5 PM

Elena Finds Her Bff

Born and raised in a Christian home in a blue-collar community of Houston, Marsha adamantly believes in diligently seeking best solutions in adverse circumstances and to continue to celebrate blessings in a world full of positive opportunities. In her new book, Elena Finds Her Bff, a seven-year-old Elena takes her dilemma straight to God, as she searches for a best friend forever. Marsha’s first book, An Exodus from Obesity: Enjoying the Ride, in which she writes of her lifelong struggle with obesity and her decision to begin a personal journey in her fifties to lose 100 pounds and find a new peace within. – all while enjoying the ride. Both books are currently available at River Oaks Bookstore.


Judithe Little   Saturday, October 21    4 – 6 PM

Wickwythe Hall

May 1940. Hitler invades France, a move that threatens all of Europe, and three lives intersect at Wickwythe Hall, an opulent estate in the English countryside--a beautiful French refugee, a take-charge American heiress, and a charming champagne vendeur with ties to Roosevelt and Churchill, who isn't what he seems. There, secrets and unexpected liaisons unfold, until a shocking tragedy in a far-off Algerian port binds them forever. Wickwythe Hall is inspired by actual people, places and events, including Operation Catapult, a sea action in which Churchill launched a bloody attack on the French fleet to keep the powerful ships out of Hitler's reach. Over 1,000 French sailors, who just days before fought side-by-side with the British, perished. Humanizing this forgotten piece of history, Wickwythe Hall takes the reader behind the blackout curtains of upper-class England, through the bustling private quarters of Churchill's Downing Street, and along the tense back alleys of occupied Vichy, illustrating what it took to survive in the dark, early days of World War II.


Elliott G. Kelly & Valerie Peterson-Kelly    Saturday, November 4     3 – 5 PM

Reflections Yours and Mine: A Poetic Memoir

A Poetic Memoir reflecting the stages of life from childhood to adulthood through the eyes of rags to riches woman of God. It will inspire you to birth your store through your life reflections, to heal, help others or get published.


The Awaited Journey

In 2004, while living in Houston, Texas, an unexpected turn of events took place in my life. After being married for seven years, my wife and I divorced. It was during this time in my life that I was met head on by several demonic spirits, whose goal was to take me out. Those demonic spirits reigned over me and held me captive for several years. Even thought I was being tormented, I never lost faith in my Savior, Jesus Christ. God led me on a journey showing me the doors I had opened to several dark spirits, which exposed me to the depths of Satan's playground. As soon as I closed the doors of darkness, God began to unlock the doors to my Destiny.


Elliott BJ Prior    Thursday, November 9    4 – 6- PM

Behind My Wings: Untold Stories of Vietnam Vets

On the approach to Saigon, seeing the rice paddies and the jungle below, my detached feelings about the war began to emerge. As the soldiers deplaned, the lump in my throat began to swell, and I fled into the cockpit. Alone and out of sight, leaning on the closed door with my hands covering my face, I burst into tears. I told myself, never let them see me cry and I never did. Stuffing tears through emotional encounters were unending, and this was only the beginning. This book is a tribute to those who served so well. You are not forgotten! Read and remember, the stories of heroes of Vietnam.


Beverly Barrett     Thursday, November 16     5 – 7 PM

Globalization and Change in Higher Education: The Political Economy of Policy Reform in Europe

This book sets out political economy explanations for higher education policy reform in Europe in the initial decades of the 21st century. With a sustained focus on the national level of policy implementation, institutional change is considered in relationship to broader trends in economic development and globalization. Since the concept of a "Europe of Knowledge" was presented by the European Commission in 1997, the pursuit of global competitiveness sets the context for the international initiative of the Bologna Process that has created the European Higher Education Area (EHEA). Growing from 29 to 48 participating countries, there are three core explanations for change in the policy process: globalization (economic), intergovernmentalism (political), and Europeanization (social). As part of multi-method research analysis, this book presents qualitative case studies on Portugal and Spain to consider points of comparison, including national governance history and modernization of higher education institutions. The structure of government in these countries affects the policy reforms. Ultimately, the Bologna Process serves as a model for integration of higher education reform in other world regions. This book is essential reading for students, researchers, and policy makers in the fields of education, economics, and public policy.


Johnnie Bernhard    Saturday, November 18    3 – 5 PM

A Good Girl

Gracey Reiter confronts a painful past and an intimidating future with the approaching death of her father, Henry Mueller, the self-described "last Mohican" from the chaotic gene pool known as the Walsh-Mueller family. The present holds the answer, and the last opportunity for Gracey to understand her father's alcoholism, her mother's infidelity, and her siblings' version of the truth. The voices of the past give Gracey the courage to find her voice. Using biting humor and gut-level truths for the first time in her life, Gracey walks across the land mines created by a crippling family legacy. Henry's funeral and the Irish wedding of Therese Mueller, Gracey's and her husband Mark Mueller's daughter, coincide by a few weeks and serve as a completion of the family circle. With the closing of one door, and the opening of the future, Gracey finds forgiveness by realizing six generations of the Walsh-Mueller family, saints and sinners, criminals and heroes, the abandoned and the celebrated, are forever family, forever bound by blood and the dreams of an Irish girl, Patricia Walsh Mueller.  A Good Girl examines the numbing work of raising children and burying parents through six generations.


Dana Barney    Saturday, December 2    3 – 5 PM

Half Life

The year is 2025 and retired investigative journalist, Peter Richards, spends his days doing freelance work for shady companies who need help cleaning up their public image. His mechanical heart has gone through a few upgrades and Peter is starting to feel less human. One day, while at his daughter's gymnastics class, Peter is convinced he recognizes a couple who recently went missing. Determined to discover the truth about their identity, Peter quickly becomes immersed in an online world where it's impossible to tell the difference between the virtual world and real life.