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Featuring Texas Artist Claire Cusack with Sharon Kopriva   Tuesday, November 22    5 – 7 PM


The Art of Found Objects: Interviews With Texas Artists

In this first book of interviews with visual artists from across Texas, author Robert Craig Bunch interviews more than sixty artists. Artists reflect on topics from formative influences and inspirations to their common engagement with found materials. Beyond the art itself, no source is more primary to understanding art and artist than the artist’s own words. After all, who can speak with more authority about the artist’s influences, motivations, methods, philosophies, and creations? Since 2010, Robert Craig Bunch has interviewed sixty-four of Texas’ finest artists, who have responded with honesty, clarity, and—naturally—great insight into their own work. None of these interviews has been previously published, even in part. Incorporating a striking, full-color illustration of each artist’s work, these absorbing self-examinations will stand collectively as a reference of lasting value.


Kimberly Morris    Thursday, October 27    5 – 7 PM

Take Me to Your Weeder (How to Be an Earthling #3)

Everybody loves the class vegetable garden—except Jack. He doesn’t want to pick beans. He doesn’t even want to take care of the class hamster over the weekend, and Jo Jo is more fun than a green bean! That’s when Jack has a great idea. He’ll get Spork, the new alien in school, to watch Jo Jo. What could possibly go wrong?

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D’Army Bailey                                 Thursday, May 23

The Education of a Black Radical: A Southern Civil Rights Activist’s Journey, 1959-1964

When four black college students refused to leave the whites-only lunch counter of a Greensboro, North Carolina Woolworths on February 1, 1960, D’Army Bailey was the freshman class president at Southern University.  Their action set off a wave of similar protests among black college students across the South, including D’Army Bailey and his classmates at Southern University in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.  The Education of a Black Radical details Bailey’s experiences on the front lines of the black student movement of the early 1960s, providing a rare firsthand account of the early days of America’s civil rights struggle.


Ann Dunphy Becker                      Tuesday, May 7                


Houston’s River Oaks ( Images of America)

In the early 1920’s, when T.W. House, Jr., A.C. Guthrie, and Thomas Ball came to the conclusion that Houston needed a new country club, complete with an 18-hole golf course, they formed Country Club Estates. Very quickly, 300 memberships were sold, with each including one share of stock in the company.  Within a year, Will and Mike Hogg, along with Hugh Potter, recognized this as a perfect idea for the bustling city of Houston.  They purchased 1,100 acres, eventually creating the River Oaks Corporation.   Ann Becker takes the reader from 1923 to 1970 and tells the story of one of the most carefully planned subdivisions in America. Today, River Oaks is known as an enviable place to call home.  The careful planning undertaken by these Houstonians 90 years ago produced results of unmatched beauty and a quality of life still enjoyed today

  Kate Morton